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And really working brush
that cleans teeth in 50 sec
The explanation why mouthpieces suck
We're inventing the toothbrush with 3 heads that cleans perfectly
and explaining why mouthpieces can't work.

Meet BruBruBrush. Finally, not the mouthpiece.

Probably, it's the only toothbrush that doesn't suck
How it works?
Perfectly. BruBruBrush has three heads, each with pillowy-soft bristles. By cleaning all sides at once, BruBruBrush is able to clean your teeth in 50 seconds. BruBruBrush heads has springs inside to hug every-size tooth. It is so pleasant to brush your teeth! Gently even with sensitive gums.
We're launching Kickstarter on the 12th of November.
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50 sec for perfect brushing as cleans all sides at once
So easy to brush right, that it's impossible to do it poorly
Gentle for gums due to soft bristles and lower speed
…it may become addictive, unlike the regular toothbrush
We're launching Kickstarter on the 12th of November.
Leave your email to learn about sales start.
Why mouthpieces don't work?
Such a brush would be huge because of batteries and the motor, it would have to be held like a jackhammer
The location, size and angles of teeth are different – the bristles should adapt to different tooth positions. BruBruBrush has 2 modes: for molars and front teeth.
A significant part of teeth surface will not be cleaned due to insufficient fit of bristles or incorrect pressure. The interdental spaces and ends of the posterior teeth are especially poorly cleaned, where cavities usually appears.
To clean all teeth at once there should be a proportionate number of bristles and a large drive power in order to move this number of bristles. So we used the most effective way – to brush all tooth surfaces at once from 3 sides.
To clean all teeth at once there should be a proportionate number of bristles and a large drive power in order to move this number of bristles. You need about 400 watt – this is the power of an average blender. Less power won't be able to move so many bristles. In BruBruBrush there're, approximately 3,500 bristles that clean one tooth at one moment, so for 32 teeth you need .... 112,000 bristles. Can you imagine how much force you need to move it, what will you feel from such an action in your mouth, and how then to rinse and dry it?

Why BruBruBrush works?

3 heads brushes all sides at once
BruBruBrush cleans teeth 2 times faster than a regular toothbrush because it brushes all tooth surfaces at once: top and sides for molars and both sides for narrow teeth.
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Spring-loaded heads and special mode for the front teeth
There're springs inside the heads to completely hug both the molars and narrow teeth. The brush also adjusts for front narrow teeth: the middle heads goes up and the others move close.
The higher rotation amplitude and the lower speed
The rotation amplitude of the bristles is 2 times higher than in usual electric toothbrush, and the speed is 2 times lower. So the BruBruBrush perfectly cleans all the hard-to-reach places and interdental spaces.
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Soft specially trimmed bristles are tender for gums
The bristles are so pillowy-soft that brushing becomes an even pleasant routine. Bristles have engineeringly right position to clean teeth perfect and be careful for the gums. It fits even the most sensitive gums.
Half of the world's population affected by oral diseases. 90% are because of improper brushing
BruBruBrush cleans teeth correctly without your participation. Just move it from tooth to tooth. It's impossible to clean teeth bad with BruBruBrush.
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Over the past 3 years, more than 10 mouthpieces have successfully launched on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

None of these brushes are on the market.

Amabrush went the furthest, but the first user reviews showed that the product didn't meet the stated specifications and later the company went bankrupt, despite the collected USD 5, 000 000.

Even after the failure of Amabrash, people still support their followers (an example is Encompass, which has the same problems as all the mouthpieces) – there is so big desire to quickly and efficiently brush teeth.


"I decided to focus on the packing, handling, cleaning power and comfort. I rated these criteria on a scale form 1 to 10".
"Has the dreamy concept become a reality, watch to find out".
The BruBruBrush – probably the world's simplest way
to clean teeth in just 50 sec
Running on Kickstarter soon. Get an Early Bird offer –
99$ instead of 229$.
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Do you have some questions? Find answers below!
BruBruBrush seems to be big. Is it comfortable in the mouth?
Yes, it is fine even for the small mouth. You can try it and if you don't like it, we'll return the money.
Can I buy BruBruBrush now?
You may leave your email to save the discount. We're running Kickstarter on the 12th on November and send you the link. Now we are working on the firs batch.
When I should pay?
Not now. As soon as we launch on Kickstarter we'll send you the link. Please leave your email learn about sales start.
Can I use my favourite toothpaste?
Yes. You can use any of your favorite paste.
I have sensitive gums, does this brush suit me?
Of course. The bristles of an usual electric brush rotate just 30 degrees. BruBruBrush - 90. The speed is 2 times lower. That's why it so careful for gums. Forget about gum problems.
How often I should change the brush heads and how much it costs?
Dentists recommend changing heads every 3 months. You can subscribe to the replaceable heads delivery. We will ship 3 heads every 3 months at your home. The cost of 3 heads by subscription - 19$.
How to charge the brush?
The brush is charged from a power outlet. It works about 25 hours without charging. The charger is included.
To which countries is the delivery made and how much does it cost?
We'll ship all over the world. The shipping will be absolutely free.
Can I return the brush if I do not like it?
Yes. You have 2 months to test and fall in love with your new brash. You can send it back if you don't like anything.
Is there a warranty?
Yes. We provide you with 1 year warranty.
Does it work with braces?
Yes. It is braces friendly.
Does it work for children?
It is designed to work for children and adult from the age of 5 years old and up.
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