Brush your teeth like a PRO with no effort — new electric toothbrush with 3 heads
We are working on an electric toothbrush which effectively cleans all three sides of a tooth and interdental space while gentle on gums.
The more we test features of the prototype, the more clearly we see that it's a game-changer. We want to make the lives of millions of people with different oral health issues easier. Could you, please, answer several questions in a survey to help us?
Hello, my name is Amir
I'm entirely sure that this toothbrush can become the best toothbrush in history and I would really appreciate if you could answer my questions to help me and the team make some important decisions on the concept of the toothbrush. It will take you only 5 minutes.

For each submitted survey I'm going to donate $1 to Best Friends Animal Society. I'm ready to provide more info via chat if needed.
Share opinion on 3-headed brush concept
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