TriBrush™ started with the question: how can we brush teeth like a PRO at home easily?

Then the team of professional engineers struggled to develop an ideal electric toothbrush for people to easily brush like a PRO with no effort

Before introducing Tribrush, we carried out 118 tests and built more than 20 prototypes

Look at how the concept was evolving:

A prototype that cleaned all the sides of the upper and lower teeth
Why did we refuse it?
It was too big for the mouth, not comfortable
December, 2018

The first three-headed prototype made with Lego
Why did we refuse it?
It had to be self-assembled and included a separate battery that made it comically large. It was an engineering feat and although impractical, it was very entertaining to use.
March, 2019

The first prototype of the final conception
Why did we refuse it?
It was a fully working prototype of the final conception with three rotating heads. It was a bit bulky so we changed the design slightly.
May, 2019
The first version of the final concept — BruBrubrush
1. Three heads that clean the plates of any tooth, three times faster than a normal toothbrush.
2. Careful consideration for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, because of the lower speed and higher rotation amplitude.
3. Spring-loaded heads to hug the tooth and properly clean all sides.

This concept of three rotating heads is proved by experiments and appreciated by dentists. We use it in TriBrush too.

September, 2019

Finally, TriBrush
In Tribrush, we have fully preserved the concept of effective cleaning, combining it with a compact and elegant appearance.

December, 2019

Three heads clean effectively and it’s proven

We have proven our results through various clinical trials. First, we ran a series of tests on our prototype using an artificial jaw.
We carried out several tests with different hard-to-clean stuff such as blue chalk solution (emptied four cans of liquid chalk), oily peanut butter, dried mascara and the like. Our brush cleaned everything in 1.1 seconds, which is two and three times faster than other electric and sonic brushes.

3-headed concept approved by dentists

We sent 3-headed brush prototypes to dentists and beauty experts and got unanimous approval. Watch the reviews:
Now, meet the final design.
Your teeth cleaned perfectly with no effort.
1. Three heads clean all tooth sides at once. Just move the brush along the gum line.
2. Spring-loaded heads hug different-width teeth, so you have all of them perfectly clean.
3. Unique bristle trim creates flossing effect while the lower speed and higher rotation amplitude help clean hard-to-reach areas like a PRO.

TriBrushfor perfectly clean teeth

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TriBrush was created by team of skilled engineers
The total experience of the team in the development and launch of projects — 114 years

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